May 3, 2010

Stay gold. Keep your balance on the tightrope

Things are good.
No! things are great!

Late Nights/Early Mornings.
I left Houston around one last night, putting me home somewhere between two and three. Let me just state that could have been the most tedious drive ever. First off, I always hate leaving Houston and secondly, I was so tired and exhausted that my eyes kept bribing my brain to shut and my head did not want to stay vertical! The music wouldn’t get loud enough and even being 20 minutes away from China felt like a lifetime of waiting. All of that leading up to my early morning and the exceedingly annoying sound of alarm clocks. You see, every night I set my alarm for six A.M but I have such a titanic struggle getting out of bed when it is still dark outside. I'm only kidding myself when I set the alarm anyway... I am fully aware that I will not be pulling myself out of the bed until I see some sunshine! Having to be at work at 7:30 makes things a little difficult and usually gives me about five whole minuets to get ready and out the door. To be completely honest, I'm not exactly sure how I do it! Maybe it’s a super power I poses. Of course I understand it isn’t the coolest of super powers, but at least I have one!

LeDarlingChelc gets Mainstream.
I took it back old school yesterday when I accompanied Mi Madre to Buzzfest in The Woodlands. Most of the bands that played really brought me back to my middle school days. I remember spinning Limp Bizkit on the way to school for a month straight. Fred Durst just has a way with his words that just places you in one of those " I could care less" moods, which was perfect for middle school and all of its gossiping inhabitants. The Deftones were definitely my favorite performance of the day. They really delivered an amazing set, complete with a well mix, tight transitioning and an energetic stage presence. I wouldn’t have changed anything about their performance! I really expected a lot out of 30 seconds to Mars and was let down when their set was nearly a mess. Jared opened The Kill up by Acoustic which wasn’t the best of ideas and he played around in the crowd the majority of the time so I felt like their set was just the product of them being exhausted from touring. By the way, they didn’t play A Beautiful Lie! Although I'm not a Three Days Grace fan, all that needs to be said is they put on a fantastic live show. They instilled so much energy into the crowd that it even had me singing and swaying along. A little Compton crept up on me during the Limp Bizkit concert. I danced, I rapped, I rocked and I felt like a Gee! Wes Borlan is OUT OF CONTROL! The first thing I thought of when he walked out (in animal skins and a Speedo) was a line from Alice and wonderland when The Mad Hater asks Alice “Have I gone mad?" too which she reply's " I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” That is nothing but the solid truth my friends! Wes Borlan's complete marketing insanity is what really made the show that much better! His attire looked as if he filled in for a Gwar show earlier that evening. Wrapping this summary of Buzzfest up I had a great time being outside, listening to live music, and spending time with two of my favorite people. It was time well spent!

Chelsea F.C

I wasn’t able to catch the match yesterday against Liverpool (2-0) so today I will be making lunch and setting aside some personal time for Mr. Petr Cech himself! Yesterday’s win means Chelsea are the first side since the Premier League began in '92 to have beaten United, Liverpool and Arsenal home and away. Of course United's victory means it goes down to the final day of the season. This Sunday (the 9th) Chelsea plays Wigan Athletic at Home so we already have an advantage. You will not find me worried!

Facing New York

This week I found myself overplaying this three-piece, progressive indie rock band. They are well worth your time and any words that I form to describe their talent will never do them justice. If you’ve got your wallet and iTunes close, you should probably go now and purchase their record.

I had no idea it was May. What the heck? Was April even here? This means a new playlist! I have so many songs bouncing off the walls of my brain right now that I cant wait to get started. It should be done and posted by tonight. So come visit later!