June 30, 2010

Le' Sleepy Bones

"Of your eyes but go in disguise like a sleepyhead, sleepyhead"

I’m currently sitting in front of the television, rocking one of the mister's oversized tee-shirts. It’s been a while since my last post. I've been working on some fresh ideas for the blog and simply lost my focus on updating. I wish I could share every little detail about my adventures the past few weeks but this post would be exceedingly long.

Even though it was a beautiful day I stayed inside and laid low. Today consisted of waking up early and heading to the Onstage office, where I worked until one. I was up late due to the mass mosquito bites attained from last night’s photo shoot. My body was covered in whelps and hydrocortisone crème, after that failed to mitigate the relentless itching I resorted to Benadryl! Two Benny’s down and I was lucky to have heard the alarm this morning. I had to keep the coffee in constant rotation so I wouldn’t fall asleep on the job. When the clock struck one I skipped out to that cute red car where I merrily drove myself home with one plan for the afternoon in my head… SLEEP! And that’s exactly what I did.

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Should we call this dating or just comically squabbling?
The other day, the mister and I took a trip to the Home Depot to pick up a few bags of concrete mix. After Aaron had loaded the 50-pound bags into the basket, I thought it would be kind if I gave his arms a rest and pushed the heavy buggy to the check out. Before my hands could touch the buggy the mister stepped in between and said, " This is the home depot, a manly store! The men in here would all look down on me if they saw you pushing. It would be different if this was a buggy full of groceries, so the next time we are at Wal-Mart I'll let you push." It took all the self-control this body contains to not fall on the floor in uncontrollable laughter. This is but a small example of how silly we get when we're together. A necessary ingredient for any relationship is humor and I'll be the first to tell you that’s one ingredient that is never lacking. I'm sure the majority of our daily conversations are made up of jokes about one another and returning sarcastic responses. I joke with him about being a big mouth and he jokes with me about being an ass. He knows just what types of music make my ears bleed so while trapped in the car he jams them on max volume and I know that tickling the bottom of his feet drives him crazy so I never miss any open opportunity. He knows all the wrong buttons to push and plays on them like a damned video game and I work on his like a ninja pushing them at unexpected moments. I know that when I want my way he falls for the sad puppy dog face (every time) and when he wants his way he just "Jedi Mind Tricks" me. The seriousness in this relationship is next to none, which I think explains how fun and laid-back it is. The fact that we can poke fun of each other all the time and after its all said and done we know it's wholly done out of love.

A Wicked Date
I really hate to generate jealousy with stories of the amazing dates that Aaron fashions together… but I must mention this past jewel. After getting rushing to get all “fancied up”, we headed to downtown Houston, where my extremely attractive bearded boyfriend had two tickets for WICKED, the broadway musical. Our seats couldn’t have been better and the production was astounding. Act I left me speechless when it ended with Defying Gravity, the one musical number I had highly anticipated seeing. Most people wouldn’t consider a date involving singing witches, flying monkeys and dancing green people to be very enjoyable…BUT I DID!
And to be honest when the boyfriend cleans up…keeping my hands to myself becomes an impossible task.

"You swim against the tide, yet you drowned in the sky."
The once highly anticipated month of July, is now just a 31 day mess of the year that I wish 2010 would have erased off the calendar. I’m actually elated this year is passing quickly I’m so ready for this month to be over with. I plan on keeping myself busy spending time with the mister and when I’m not with him I sleep it away. I’m looking forward to Friday so I can take my usual road trip to Houston to be with my little family and escape this disgust for a few days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll debut my bitter mix prepared for this wretched month… entitled Le’Suck!

Daily Farewell
This little lady is ready to tuck herself into bed.
I refuse to end my night on a bad note so I’m going to watch Away We Go, draw a beard on my pillow and pretend it’s that dreamy guy I call boyfriend, and enjoy an extremely unhealthy late night snack. And no one in the verse has the power to stop me!
I miss my two sweethearts and wish I could be cuddled next to them.

I'll leave you with this video summing up my thoughts for the day.
Sweet Dreams Beautiful!

June 15, 2010

Belated June.

The world is smaller than you think, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think. -- Bertram van Munster

In all honesty I have been a very neglectful blogger. Between work and weekend trips to Houston I haven't found the time. The past few weeks are just a titanic blur now. The days seem to have left as quickly as they came. We are practically in the middle of June and the middle of the year. Where did that thing called time go?

Somewhere in between work, mastering the art of sushi, Mario kart, chasing ice cream trucks around suburbia and eating pickled green beans, I forgot all about making June's play list. So this week I've been in musical heaven creating the perfect mix for summer. Anyone who knows me knows that my mood is pretty much defined by what is coming through my speakers, and how one song can instantly change the way I feel so I made this play list with my best intentions in focus. Enjoy it

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Do you ever happen across a song and instantly it changes your life and for that few minutes you find yourself in love? Well I only had one other song to do that for me and while picking a few goods for the summer mix I stumbled upon a new little treasure and as I replayed it over a good twenty odd times I realized how crazy in love I was with every part of this song. Jack and Jill by Kim Richey has been placed right next to Snow Patrol's Run as the only two songs that soundtrack my life (thus far). It's her voice and the immediate connection and adoration I feel to the lyrics that warms every part of my soul. It's a song that makes me believe that she jumped into my heart for a few months and from that she lyrically described what she felt while dwelling there. Is my affair with this song true love or just a summer fling? I sure hope Miss. Richey is here to stay.

While being completely smitten over this song I must confess, listening to it makes me think of the unbelievably wonderful relationship that found its way to me. The relationship that wasn't suppose to happen…but did! When it’s spinning I can’t help but feel the same things I did for him through the development of this incredible thing the two of us have now. This song is a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have this amazing person apart of my life and how much I miss him when he's not next to me.

Free Press Review
I enjoyed the Heck out of Free Press. We missed out on Lymbyc Systym which I thought would ruin the rest of the day but didn't. It rained, and we found shelter under some artist's tent. It rained some more and we did some people watching, we laughed as silly people ran and slipped in the mud, we laughed at the few who were drenched so bad you could see through their clothing, and we laughed really hard as a few guys tried selling plastic Poncho’s for five dollars a pop (their retail value being 50cents). The heat immediately drove us to the dos equis line but that little can was no match for the thick damp heat but the large strawberry snow cone we basically inhaled was! Despite the torture of mother nature I still managed to have a wonderful time. I ran into some beautiful familiar faces, spent some quality with the mister, and was even introduced to an extremely talented and fun band called GIVERS. They are a quintet from LAFAYETTE, Louisiana and they make you want to dance. I did anyway.

Futbol Friday
Tomorrow is Friday. I love Fridays! What I love even more is Futbol and tomorrow I have a date with Mr.Lampard as Enland Vs. Algeria. England are in a bit of a shambles in the back right now after the nature of their draw with the US in the opening game. Green and Rooney have a direct line to my temper so I’m hoping they can prove themselves tomorrow. With Slovenia’s win, not unexpected but still an important confidence boost and an even more important three points, the group is a three horse race. England’s obviously strongest on paper and will want to prove that, but after the first round of games, it’s becoming evident the second place in Group C is likely to be playing this new Germany. No one wants that. We also need to avoid a draw or risk fighting against a Slovenian bus for our World Cup lives. I’ll be watching from the office tomorrow, I hope my employees are ready for a little yelling and sailor talk.

These big eyes of mine just told me they would not like to be open anymore. I must respect their wishes! Thank you Kindly for reading. Good night friends. LeDarlingChelc

- LeDarlingChelc

June 2, 2010

Le'Darling Ramble

Work. Work. Work.
It's seems that the only thing I've done lately is work. Usually I get off around twelve which gives me time to enjoy the day but this week I have been stuck in the office from 7 until 7. Only Two more days until the weekend and then I will be speeding off to Houston for this:

Free Press Summer Fest is held at Houston’s Eleanor Tinsley Park so I'm preparing myself for the blistering heat. RaRaRiot and Girl Talk will be playing on Saturday and Lymbyc System, Lucero, Stars and the Flaming Lips will be performing on Sunday along with many others. There's something about live music outdoors that makes me incredibly giddy. I'll be soaking up a little Vitamin D, listening to some amazing bands, and spending time with amazing people.

Other than Summerfest I really don't have any other plans. To be completely honest all I want to do is stay in, watch a few good movies, curl up with the boy and be lazy. The past few weeks have been terribly busy and all I would like to do is simply kick back and relax.

I'm No Traitor
It's June! This means we are only days away from the World Cup Kickoff. I'm super stoked about England's opener. Their first match is next Saturday against USA. I know this makes me a terrible American but I have to support my Chelseafc boys. John Terry, Coles Joe and Ashley and Frank Lampard have been selected in England's final 23.

The 23-man squad in full is:

Robert Green
Joe Hart
David James
Glen Johnson
Jamie Carragher
Ledley King
John Terry
Matthew Upson
Rio Ferdinand
Ashley Cole
Stephen Warnock
Gareth Barry
Michael Carrick
Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard
James Milner
Aaron Lennon
Shaun Wright-Phillips
Joe Cole
Wayne Rooney
Peter Crouch
Jermain Defoe
Emile Heskey.

(I'll also be rooting for the Ivory Coast in support of my other Chelseafc favorites Drogba and Kalou.)

England's Fixtures
Match: 5 Date: June 12 Time: 20:30 Venue: Rusternburg V. USA
Match:23 Date: June 18 Time: 20:30 Venue: Cape Town V. Algeria
Match: 37 Date: June 23 Time: 16:00 Venue: Port Elizabeth V. Slovenia

Music for my Soul
What is there not to say about Ray Lamontagne. The guy is composed of pure talent. He has been my go to guy for every bad mood that I have ever found myself in. I've discovered that as a person he is just as interesting as his music. LaMontagne is particularly known for his raspy voice, which he says he learned by singing through his gut and not his nose. LaMontagne refers to himself as a "very private person", and rarely gives interviews. He also usually does not interact much with the audience between songs during his live shows and has been known to perform in the dark to avoid distracting bright lights and to separate himself from the audience because of his shy nature. Also he doesn't do music videos because he is extremely critical of himself and believes music videos should be left for beautiful people. This song I'm sure you have seen me post it many times before but for me it's too beautiful not to share again.