April 28, 2010

Focus on each moment.

I'm throwing a change up. Tonight this blog will not be about indie music nor cookies. If this upsets any one person please let me know and I will deliver to you the best apology your ears will ever hear. Sometimes blogs are about things that matter and this next excerpt ,straight from my perfectly functional brain, is real and matters.

Sometimes I really wish I had the courage to just bluntly say things. Things I'm thinking but not willing to say. Maybe one day I'll have the audacity to speak up for myself. If I do happen to stumble upon that form of courage I could imagine myself saying something along the lines of this:

Dear _______,
“You are better than your current actions. A little Gossip Girl is not the kind of person you are so I'm not sure what’s going on. I understand my actions affected yours and I hurt you but you do have to realize that not one person is better than another and everyone makes mistakes. The only thing there was for me to do was apologize... and I did immediately. It’s wrong for you to hold yourself higher than me because at the end of the day “we are all the same people with sinning hearts that make us equal.” I understand people change but where did your class go? Saying hateful things about people and gossiping isn’t the kind of person you are, I know because I’ve know you since we were little girls. It could be safe to say I know you better than you know yourself at times, or did. I’ve apologized and have yet to find your apology anywhere. As far as I know… You burned me just as bad! Going behind my back and telling Bo everything I was telling you. (Did I forget to mention I thought I was telling you in secrecy?) Being his little watchmen, I would say that’s pathetic but I’m no better than you. Truth be told, I owned up my mistakes and continue too. You’ve owned up to nothing. Since this is what I would PROBABLY say if I knew what was best for me. I would say you need to get over yourself and please stop airing my mistakes to whoever seems to make conversation with you. There is one more thing I owe you... And that is a big “Thank You” for feeling obligated to tell Onstage (my place of business) every little detail of the break up. You didn’t miss anything and I just love the version you tell and how you make yourself the victim in it all. Like it was even about you! But seriously thanks for saving me all that time I would have wasted explaining things to them. Just know that I still think you have more class than that and it’s not the person I know you are. The sooner you stop being childish, the sooner your class may find you again. But at the end of the day I still love you, you were a big chapter in my life under Best Friend. I hope one day another chapter arrives titled part II. I’m thinking about you always and wish only the best things for you. You are going to do amazing things and I believe in you. Always! ”

But who am I kidding. I don’t say anywhere close to that amount of words a day. I think it is all just a waste of time, time that should be spent focusing on the good moments in life. No one should live with hate. You see what hate has done not only in and too this country, but the extent of this world. My theory is: Live your life in joy and in love…the only way you can do that is to practice forgiveness! And when you find yourself living a fulfilled life with no hate I’ll let you quote me.


I would kill to see these guys again.


Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, Jared and Michael Bell formed Lymbyc Systym late in 2001. Drawing inspiration from the groups Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky, and Four Tet, their compositions cleverly combine vintage keyboards, infectious melodies, analog effects, dynamic drumming, and intricate laptop programming to form melodic and cohesive tracks that blur the borders between post-rock, indie-rock, and the most organic electronic music. Playing in support of the Album Leaf, Crystal Castles, Explosion In The Sky, and a slew of other national acts, and recently becoming a headlining road act in their own right, the brothers have developed a truly impressive live show. From their self-release debut EP, Carved by Glaciers, to their recent releases for Mush and split 7" with fellow instrumental upstarts This Will Destroy You, Lymbyc Systym have quickly etched out a place in the bustling underground music scene.


Sunday Bloody Sunday.

We're back at the top of the table thanks to our biggest ever top-flight win against Stoke, which included Salomon Kalou's first Chelsea hat-trick.As a result of the red card against Spurs last weekend, John Terry missed his first League match since January but will return as captain against liverpool this Sunday. Kudos to Super Frank Lampard for his leadership skills during the stoke match. Sunday things are going to heat up as Chelsea v. Liverpool. If my blues don't turn up and don't play with the intensity they did on Sunday then we'll lose at Anfield! The Reds are still competing for fourth spot and a place in the Champions League, so they will be desperate for the points themselves.

The Ugly Truth about the development of the human race.