May 4, 2010

Broke a Promise to myself. and took my heart down off the shelf...

...Hey, what a very very fine day

This morning I got thrown to left field when I took a huge gulp of O.J and had a massive pulp surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I love pulpy orange juice as much as the next guy, But when the label states “No Pulp" that’s what I expect! I feel almost as if I've been tricked, like the guys at the Tropicana Factory took a "Pulp free" Carton and put a shredded orange in there just for a good laugh. People like that are the reasons we have middle fingers.

Other than my little juice fit I had a great morning!

Since I unknowingly stumbled into May I am unfortunately late on the mix. My sincerest apologies, but here it is… In all its gloriously divine musical diverseness. My musical moods have been driven by what’s been going on in my life and there has been so many changes and emotions that the genres are mixed accordingly. It’s a rather long play list because of all the things scrambling around in my head but it’s a great one…Probably my favorite yet! Usually when I wake up in the mornings I have a song (maybe two) stuck in my head, so for the past month or so I have noted them on the iphone and decided that I would make it into “May’s Mix” . Now go enjoy

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Being shot
I have a shoot with the ever so lovely Cierra at six, and I am super excited to be dabbling in photography again. Before I left Dallas I was being given a hand full of opportunities and I was meeting an amazing group of people from photographers, models, and even owners of clothing labels. I really miss that part about the city life… so many opportunities to do the things you love! Although being behind the camera is more of my thing, I enjoy being in front of it too! In fact; I simply love the whole process of photography. It’s like my gateway to portraying emotions since I’m no good with words. Cierra’s work is dang good so even though we haven’t even started the shoot, I’m already eager to see her finishing products. So my evening will be filled with happiness.

It's a beautiful day
I'm going to play in the sunshine
you should as well