May 11, 2010

it's your flawless soul that bleeds my stone

Accidentally Malnourished
When I left Onstage today, I decided I would hurry and power steam LeeLee's Carpet before she got off work so I could surprise her. Talk about hard work.. After hours of moving furniture and shampooing the floor, the house looked great.. and I felt terrible. The walk home (two houses down) felt like miles and Immediately when I entered my house i felt the blood drained from my face and the energy rapidly decreasing. All I wanted to do was lay on the ground in the doorway and that's exactly what I did. It was quite scary but my own fault. Being a vegetarian comes with many risks, the biggest being Protein Deficiency. It's happened before and after a very tedious hospital stay I swore I would take control and make sure I was consuming enough protein for my body. Here lately I have not been eating much and when I do it is usually junk food. How irresponsible of me I know! After about 30 minutes of lying in the doorway I pulled myself together, grabbed a bag of almonds and a huge glass of soy milk and crawled into bed. Where I slept for hours. Because of my irresponsibility I had to cancel plans with friends and stay in. So from now on I will be making sure I am getting an adequate amount of protein and eating a balanced vegetarian diet.

Important Notice to all veg heads- keep track of the foods you eat on a daily basis! if you start feeling General weakness and lethargy,Muscle soreness and weakness, cramps,Headaches,Nausea and stomach pain, then make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. It only takes a simple blood test to determine if protein deficiency is the culprit. There are serious risks involved with Protein Deficiency.

On a more up beat note.
I am still in the clouds from last nights wonderful date with 83.
If people only knew how amazing our dates were they would be completely jealous. and not for a second would I blame them.

It's a good feeling to just be nothing but yourself around someone and they accept it and love that you can be real with them. From the beginning I have felt so comfortable with just being Chelsea. My feelings and opinions are now valued and it feels nice to finally be able to talk and not be ridiculed for what was on my mind. Happiness comes in truck loads now and I know this whole thing is destined for greatness (and being taken day by day.)

“Only now it had become indispensable to him to have her face pressed close to him; he could never let her go again. He could never let her head go away from the close clutch of his arm. He wanted to remain like that for ever, with his heart hurting him in a pain that was also life to him.” D.H. Lawrence

“So many people think we've got it wrong
They'll try to break us but we won't play along”