May 10, 2010

all that glitters, is gold.

Happy Birthday to this Animal.

Two Decades old Benjamin Jennings... and I still remember the first time you walked me to class. I also remember the "Pixes" shirt you use to wear that I always wanted to steal and the Arcade Fire Cd of yours that I really did steal. I really do not know how I could have survived sophomore year , in a high school full of Nazi Rednecks and a mass of Paris Hilton duplicates, with out you. I do know it's impossible for me to go to a Chinese buffet and not think about you.. and the nights at golden dragon where we(Logan included) would stuff our pockets with jello cubes and drive aimlessly around Beaumont targeting random houses and cars. There was never a dull moment with you and your love for chick flicks! You are a great person Ben and I'm excited to help celebrate your ridding of the title "teen" tonight.
Here's to you on you birthday, Happy 20 my darling friend.

Give me these boots and I will never ask for anything.
ever again

I want these shoes more than I want to breathe so if anyone finds out where the heck they are located.. you will pretty much be dubbed my hero for eternity! Actually it may be a titanic mistake of a purchase for the simple fact that I may never take them off, but it is a mistake I'm willing to make! These are the kind of boots that no matter if you wear them with a girlie dress or skirt they state " I can kick your ass". And who doesn't want a pair of shoes that do that?...Exactly!

Motherless Mothers Day at the Beach.
Of course the old bat had to work through Mothers Day and was not able to come home, so I wished her a Happy Mothers Day Via Telecommunication and conquered the beach with nothing short of amazing people. We piled into marks toaster (Honda Element) and headed out to the murky coast. Of course it was overcast all day and a little chilly but we still managed to find a great time. Honestly, I think it's near impossible to have a bad time with the Eaves Boys. One highlight of Sunday would have to be scavenging the beach with Mark and Angela to find a restroom for Angela and myself. Of course we held it until the last minute and the first store happened to be out of service for both male and female. So it was on the search for the next one that we stumbled upon a lonely port-o. By this point my eyes were starting to water and every bump felt like it was going to be the death of me. From a far this little Johnny on the spot looked like heaven so without hesitation I took off in a dead sprint and nearly vomited when the door opened. I'm sure now that the "cop a squat outside" expression would have been the better route to go, but when your bladder is ruling your mind you only own a "now or never" mentality. Lets just say this little experience will haunt me from Port-0's for as long as my brain still functions and I am quite positive Angela is haunted as well. Bathroom exploration included it was a fantastic Sunday, which I wouldn't mind repeating soon.