April 20, 2010

One Flight Down.

In seat 19A sits a long haired brunette who by just a glance you can tell is anxious as hell. Her breathing is heavy and she is doing her best not to draw attention to herself. The engine starts and the blood drains from her face. Her hands are clasped so tightly around the arm rests that her knuckles become so white they are almost transparent. I wish there was something I could say to her that would comfort her but it may be unsettling to others if they see me talking to myself. I'm the girl in 19A and my heart feels like it's beating out of my chest, I'm sure others can see it protruding with each beat it makes. I ask myself what it is I'm so scared of and I draw a blank. By this time the plane has started to move and I can't think of anything at all. The gears in my head stop turning and everything goes blurry. My eyes are peeled to the window as the plane accelerates faster and faster. Just as my body adjusts to the speed the plane leans upward and we are off. With an odd feeling in my stomach I scavenger around for a barf-bag but I realize the further the plane gets off the ground the more relaxed I become. “What? This feeling was a little unexpected."
That was takeoff, it was a little intense… and I loved it!

I start to ask myself if this is the way Charles Judice felt when he took his first flight. Was he scared his first time or was he fearless from the start? I believe there may have been a little fear behind his tough exterior but my grandpa was made for this! I've always wanted to know more about him, what he was like, what he would be like if he were still with us, what it would have been like flying with him, why he loved being in the air so much? Well Today he's flying with me in spirit! He is holding me just like he did my mom and I feel every bit apart of him! There is nothing in the world I would trade for this moment in the air with my grandfather. Up here the world seems so perfect. (Bringing more meaning to the saying "Things are never as they seem!")
The sun is beaming off the clouds and everything is the brightest shade of white imaginable. I have Damien Rice in my ears and nothing but time ahead of me to recollect myself from the past few months. Basically it’s time for me to over analyze a lot of things (like I always do).

I wrote all that on the plane yesterday while traveling to Oklahoma to spend time with my father. From my end I can say that my first flight couldn’t have gone any better. I presume there will be many more flights in my future.