April 16, 2010

No more going to the dark side with your flying saucer eyes

Find me on a Friday with a pocketful of time and an iPod on shuffle. Things get a little crazy.
Alarm went off this morning to Train- Hey Soul Sister…so I pulled the shades, let the sunshine engulf the perimeter of my room and I threw myself my very own dance party. Hopefully the neighbors were off at work either that or they had a blast laughing at me dancing around in my skivvies! I think the party continued for an hour or so then I hit snooze and the kitchen. You see…. I am a girl that LOVES food and I was in the mood for something delicious. I made scrumptious banana and almond pancakes with powdered sugar and apples. Breakfast was magical.

Someone heard how crummy my day was yesterday so this morning I recieved an email titled " Just getting your day started right!" with this picture attached.

“I immediately thought of you when I stumbled upon this picture and could picture that perfect smile come across your face when you saw it.”...Well friend, it definetly got my day started right and there was a big smile that took place.

Right now I am trying to figure out how it’s possible for me to fit a week into a suitcase.

I fly out of Houston on the nineteenth for a week in the OKC. I’ll be gone until the twenty-fifth and I am doing my best to pack “lightly” so that I will not need to check in any luggage. The only thing I really want to bring can't fit in a suitcase unless they allow for a 6'2'' carry on. I doubt it but the thought is nice.

While away, I’ll be missing a promisingly great concert in Houston. Which I’m a little upset over, but I keep reminding myself there will be more shows to come. So for all you Houstonians who follow me (especially you Miss Ashley Daisy and Kat) you should go in my place. I will forever appreciate it and so will the guys of LightParade.

and for those who cant make it check them out anyway http://www.myspace.com/lightparade

I’ll allow Mr.Yorke to finish out this blog post due to the fact that this song could say and inspire more than this blog ever could. I dub this the song of the day and will shortly be adding it to the soundtrack to my life.

Hope you are having a beautiful day thus far.