April 24, 2010


The best thing I can read is people.
I will not eat most things that are Green, Yet it is my Favorite Color.
One of my Biggest Flaws is I don't like to talk about my feelings.
If I am upset you wont know.
It Drives me Crazy when plans changes.
I dream of having a time machine so I could go back and meet Janis Joplin, be best friends with Andy Warhol, and Marry John Lennon.
I have an obsession with the number 8.
I've been told I am too laid back. I couldn't agree more.
My tolerance for Spicy food is outrageous... and impressive.
I am Violent in the kitchen.
E.E Cummings Poetry makes me melt.
I am very trustworthy but I don't trust people easily.
If you want me to hate you then lie to me.
I wish people would give me the same respect I give them.
I want to be Harry Potter’s Third Best Friend.
I am the worlds biggest backseat driver.
I bite my lower lip when I get nervous.
My ideas are extreme and rarely travel beyond the boundaries of my brain.
I am completely misplaced era wise.
I long for the days when people had class.
My longest relationship is with my best friend.
I want a bubble bath that actually works and peace on earth.
The Love of my life will always be Music.


Speaking of music, this whole week has been Local Natives after Local Natives. I'm so in love with these guys with their sweeping orchestral songs and celebratory swagger (yes I just said swagger). Regretfully I missed their concert in Houston due to my week long adventure in the OKC. No doubt they delivered a Phenomenal Show! If your ears have yet to bask in their musical glorious(ness) get over to http://www.myspace.com/localnatives
Or purchase there debut album, 'Gorilla Manor'! You will not be let down, Promise!