April 26, 2010

Early Mornings in Tejas.

It was a late night and a very early morning. I woke up to darkness and watched the sunshine brighten and warm the world. I'm not the least bit tired, with help of three 14oz cups of coffee I don't see how I could be. Currently I'm at the office getting paid to type this blog and listen to some great new bands. It's my first day back and I can already tell I landed the perfect job. Life is sweeter than Chocolate Chip Cookies right now and I am enjoying every part of it.

On my way to work this morning I was starving but I wasn't in the mood for fast food. I really wish fast food restaurants would serve cereal. How cool would it be to drive up to McDonald's and order a bowl of cookie crisp? I'll tell you.. That would be Insanely cool! I'm sure my life would be complete then!



You learn something new everyday right? Tis the truth!
Third Man Records: originally founded by Jack White in Detroit in 2001. In March of this year, a physical location was established in Nashville, TN. Third Man Records in it’s current state serves as record store, record label, and one stop production house with a rehearsal and photo studio, darkroom, and production office and distribution center. All of their records are produced by Jack White in his own Third Man Studio, then printed and pressed right there in Nashville. With their unique set-up they can have an artist recorded and photographed in one day and have records for sale in their store within weeks. I'm due for a venture to the amazing "NashVegas" and I guarantee my first stop will be a personal visit to this shop.

Third Man Records and Novelties
located at 623 7th Avenue South, Nashville, TN.

Love is all (Not to be confused with All Is Love), Is a five piece Swedish band known for their blend of art punk and indie rock. They have definitely placed me in an animated mood and I have placed them in my "April Favorites". They are currently on tour with JAPANDROIDS but they are keeping it mostly Northern (which I believe is complete and utter BS)! I would have loved to catch their show in ATX but unfortunately they will not be experiencing the best part of the "United States of Chelsea". They are an easy comparison to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Noisettes, Be Your Own Pet, so if you like their sound it is certain you will like Love is all.




After work I go pick up this cute little pup.

I cant express how much I have missed my sweet Lolo! After being hijacked to Austin with my Nephew for a week, then being sent to Aunt B's while I was in OKC, I can firmly say it has been two weeks too long! I'm sure she is ready to see her Mom as well!


"And if not now, when?"

The best I can come up with to sum up my day is "Carpe Diem, Seize The Day". Make it yours and Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think.

Post Script

A very handsome guy helped shape my wonderful day.
My new office is now complete with a beautiful reminder of how kick ass 83 is!