April 27, 2010

Her dignity shown so brightly like a light on a hill.

During the last few hours, I began harboring this itch. And I know this itch. I‘ve scratched it before. It's a terrible addiction and right now my body is "Withdrawal Central". I'm giving it everything I have to not give in but this may involve more will power than I own. I just don't understand how something so simple as a chocolate chip cookie could have such a powerful hold on a person. I would love nothing more than to sit down with a cold glass of rice milk, the last Chelsea match on DVR, and some delicious chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. But I wont.. Maybe I'll chew on some carrots like a rabbit and go to bed feeling much healthier.

Sick tooth

At twelve today I got a life changing call. Good Ole Austin Barnett Heroically came to my rescue yet again. This time it involved a chipped tooth. With everyone knowing how clumsy I am, I must let you down by saying that there is no cool story involved with this happening of a tooth chipping. I was just simply eating an apple and "BAM" half of my tooth decided it wasn't happy in my mouth any longer and thought it best to just jet. What a Jerk of a thing to do! So today was repair day. I arrived at 1:30 and not 2 Minuets later I was already stoned in that evil chair. That Nitrous Gas is insane, it puts me in a coma state and at times I feel so good I don't even feel the need to breathe (that's when they turn the gas down a bit). As I was laying back in the chair I couldn't move or talk and I was even seeing polka dots. The only thing I could hear were faint words of Austin checking on me and the sound of drills. If there is one sound I never want to here again it would be that of those godforsaken drills. After his great Craftsmanship was complete they revived me and things got a little loopy! Upon exciting the building, I misjudged the distance of the step and being the klutz that I often am, feel out the door and onto my face. I'll count myself lucky that I did not have to get yet another tooth fixed! Since it was such a last minute appointment I hadn't the time to ask someone to pick me up so I had to drive myself home. It literally felt like I was flying a shuttle in outer space. Let me just state that it wasn't my smartest of ideas and I will never take that chance again. So now I am home with an aching tooth. But I no longer look like a hillbilly.