February 20, 2010

Song bird, they were strong hands that held her.

I woke up to slobbery kisses from a little angel in penguin pajamas and mom's freshly brewed coffee. I LOVE MORNINGS IN AUSTIN! Nights, Well they are a little different. I had spent 2 solid hours trying to get Harp to go to sleep last night. His temper got so bad that I stooped to google and followed a list of different ideas that were guaranteed to work. FAIL!! so finally I just Turned out all the lights and put compositions by Johann Bach on. Finally, we were in Business!
My beautiful sister just picked them up for their trip to Beaumont. Who knew those little tiny hands of theirs could have such a strong hold on my heart.

These Pictures could never express the weekend with my boys, but they try.

Currently I'm Hunting Amazon for Coldplay's Live 2003 DVD.I can not put to words the way this video makes me feel.And on a side note, I have never been crazy about Coldplay.If you have yet to see it, Buy it and watch it in a Dark Room with no distractions.

It will change your life.
Thank me later.