November 2, 2009

Music is such a good thing to loose yourself in.

The Flaming Lips new album. The Boy needs to hurry and purchase it on Itunes so I can steal it from him. It's nearly the life changer.

Oh Dear me, fall cleaning is dangerous business . My closet is now spread across my living room floor, in little colored piles. Its embarrassing to say how backed up I am on laundry. Tomorrow I shall conquer the clothes. maybe a laundrymat is a more practical solution.

I have so many projects that I wish the time for.
Like this one:

Making these should be easy as pie. I want to make some in every color for the coming of winter.
Maybe even possible Christmas presents for my loves.

Cutest song ever, it makes me want to dance or jump on the bed:

This song brings me back to my adolescent years when I was that awkward kid requesting rock classics at middle school dances.

I was so in love with David Bowie, it was quite the odd obsession at the time. Since everyone else had posters of the backstreet boys and Nsync.

Since I've already taken you back to my "middle school music obsessions" here are a few other songs I overplayed:

To say the least. I was a weird kid.


The Boy and I have been doing some wedding planning and have agreed this is a possible theme:

The best letter ever.