November 12, 2009

You make tired of me.

Why the heck am I so awkward and weird? The root of that accusation being, I'm currently waiting up for laundry to finish, in the hot tub while planning a wedding and listening to the strokes. Oh! I forgot to mention that it is 1 in the morning. Who does these kinds of things? Normal people would safely tucked away in their beds. Following that question always leads me to think if there is anyone out in the world who is doing this same exact thing at this moment in time, or am I just completely original with life. Just think about that for a second... How many people out in this world are doing the same exact thing you are, at that very moment. That conclusion could be completely innocent or it could be quite scary depending on what your doing.

Today I discovered another unattractive quality I posses.. being book-shy. I hate discussing literature with people mainly because I am so closed minded about the way other people perceived it. When I read I like to connect, I want to relate. I especially wont discuss a book before I start it mainly because I don't want second hand thoughts. Meaning, I don't want other peoples opinions passed on, I want to be able to gather my own thoughts and feelings towards the piece. With the sole determination of making the book my own. Relating my life to which ever character is more like me, or finding a character so completely opposite of me and enjoying the differences we have. So I guess book-shy is a lighter term for book selfish.

I've put together November's Mixtape. It's an assortment of perfect songs for the changing of seasons. A beautiful arrangement to play in the car with the windows rolled down and the cool wind circulating through the car while the sunlight warms your face.

Meet me in the City - The Black Keys
Something Good This Way Comes - Jakob Dylan
To Be Alone With You - Sufjan Stevens
Go it Alone - Beck
Wonderful People - Q and Not U
Honestly - American Football
AKA M80 The Wolf - Portudal. the Man
Wake Up - Arcade Firs
Everything I Do - Whiskeytown
I'm the Man Who Loves You - Wilco
Milk - Kings Of Leon
D'yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin
The Book I Write - Spoon
Missed the Boat - Modest Mouse
Is there a Ghost- Band of Horses
To Love Somebody (Bee Gee's cover) - Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice
Fix it - Grizzly Bear
Magnolia Mountain - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I have been neglecting wedding planning just as much as I've been neglecting this blog. So today , after I left Rise, I enjoyed a two hour trip to the park with lonely and then tucked myself away into bed with the essentials (my computer, a cup of coffee, my phone and my planner). I stayed on the telephone with my beautiful mother for nearly an hour. She is so good at this whole planning thing. I have the attention span of a five year old so it was refreshing for her to get me in check. Yesterday the wedding seemed like it was too early to start planning. Today however, felt like there will not be enough hours in the day to get all of this together before July thirty first. Open my head and you will find absolute chaos.

This weekend is drawing closer and I am so excited I nearly can not sleep. The boy and I leave Thursday night for Beaumont. On Friday we are going to check out some locations for the wedding and engagement party and visit my pretty girl Kit. On Saturday the boy and I will be driving up to Houston to take our engagement pictures with the extraordinary Lisa Garrison. She is such a charming girl and I know I will be pleased with her work. She knows a lot about us so I am dead sure she will do more than a great job with us. You have the upper hand with shoots when you know the clients your dealing with, example being their style, their personalities. She will do great.

Upon returning home, I will be purchasing some wood for my fireplace and cooking apple cider over it and dining on roasted marshmallows.