October 3, 2009

i'll lose your balance.

October, you're my favorite month.
I await your arrival all year..

All month long my apartment will smell of either Warm Apple Harvest or Pumpkin Pie. Baking gets even better in October.Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin muffins. Its going to be so fun experimenting with each recipe.

I've been bugging the boy to buy pumpkins so we can carve them. he said it was a waste of money until I mentioned we could make pumpkin seeds. We Collectively decided we will wait for the middle of October so our carvings will last through Halloween. I love everything about carving pumpkins. Picking the perfect ones out, thinking of creative ideas, the smell when you first carve into the top, the "mooshy" stuff that you get between your fingers when you are scooping out the insides, the feeling when you put the candle inside and flip off the lights to discover you are the next Michelangelo. (maybe that last one's just me)

As of now there are no plans for Halloween quite yet. I have two ideas for costumes already, I get really excited talking about them. I've had the hardest time picking between Max or a bat. Placing my vote for President was ,hands down, easier than this decision.

I am re-living my child hood. Opening Ceremony pays a unique tribute to the long-awaited Spike Jonze film 'Where the Wild Things are'. The monsters in the film inspired a furry, fantastic collection that's really striking.. I want 2 of everything. I don't want to ever wear anything else. I think that the textures of the Alexander, Ira and Douglas pieces are amazing. If I had $700 to blow on that Max costume (it's a costume) I would do it no questions asked and guilt free.

The hairs on my head are just begging for this shampoo and conditioner, my nose too!

Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Products. (You should mail some too me.)

October's Mix tape:

1 Franz Ferdinand - You're The Reason I'm Leaving
2 Death Cab For Cutie - I will Possess your heart
3 Dandy Warhols - Smoke It
4 The Like - Under The Paving Stones
5 Danger Doom- Mince Meet
6 Nada Surf- Do It Again
7 Living Things- Bom Bom Bom
8 Koufax- Why Bother At All
9 Röyksopp- Only This Moment
10 Floetry- Supastar
11 Blackalicious- Your Move
12 Giant Drag- Kevin Is Gay
13 Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson- Relator
14 Single Frame- I'll Lose Your Balance
15 Mommy And Daddy- Franconia Road
16 Lake Trout- Now We Know
17 Limbeck- People Don't Change
18 King Elementary- Hit The Mirror