September 3, 2009

Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man

It was a lovely/eventful trip to SETX.

The boys' show was quite the event. Dewinter opened up with an instrumental set. Did I mention they did it with lite up drum sticks? Cause they did! The Canvas Waiting followed Dewinter and of course played beautifully as always. They opened their set up with scout., which is my favorite song on their first CD ( in search of begininngs). That song has always hit home with me. Then they played mostly off their new album, a seasons change. They played Barcelona and Ghosts which will be on the new CD. Lovely songs with beautiful lyrics. The Loch was the final preformance. William Gragg and his God blessed voice paired nicely with them.

I was snapping pictures when Paul Called me to the stage. I was so confused but it all became quickly apparent as to what was happening after paul had said the boy's name. I knew what was about to happen and my first reaction was to find the nearest exit. Commitment is a very big word for me but so is love and I have definetly found love in this boy. He got on his knee in front of many people including out closest friends and family, and he proposed to me. I was so embarressed that I blacked out. I counldnt hear a word anyone was saying . I kpet touching my eyes to see if I was crying yet but I was still so shocked that I couldnt cry, I couldnt blink or even breathe I felt like the center of attention and it scared me. Of course I said yes ( well nodded yes) closed the box anId darted to the nearest seat. Before we got hunters house (the after party) the video of the proposal was online and I had a gazillion comments on facebook.

It has been a very happy engagement. The boy is just so unfairly cute.