September 9, 2009

There's one in all of us.

Good day Lovelies.

There's no place like home. The boy's band had a show in Austin this weekend at Mo Mo's. Most would say it was a torturous weekend, yet I always seem to make the light of everything. I enjoyed hanging out with the guys in the city that has my heart.

The boy and I have set a date for the wedding. July thirty-first it will be. We haven't the slightest idea on the locations. The Ring is still sparkling. I find myself staring at it too much. The boy would be proud to hear that, I'm sure! He did a fantastic job picking the ring out! He brought it home from his tour on the west coast and it couldn't be more perfect. When he asked me what kind of ring I wanted I told him a single diamond with a skinny band, something dainty and simple.

It is nearly October and we all should know what that means.

I can not express how painful this wait has been for me. I have been obsessed with this book ever since I was a young lamb. There's no doubt I can quote the book without even reading it.

I got a job atlas and I am super Excited. At rise┬║1