August 26, 2009

It is so humid here in the 409. It wasn't too bad of a drive home. The Boy and I left around nine this morning and we took turns driving. Of course he took the first shift, while I curled up in my seat and slept. We stopped at Buccess, (halfway point)got some delicious treats, then I took the wheel. The weather was beautiful and paired with Modest Mouse and Cake it turned out to be a nice drive. Lonely enjoyed the trip home as well.

Kitty had no idea I was coming in so my first stop was her house to surprise her! I drove her to work and went up to Calvary to hang out with the Youth! Wow, those are some crazy kids. Kako, Alec, Evan and I played Frisbee upstairs and ended up breaking a light above Trevor's head...Whoops! After youth The Boy's band had practice so Ira, Caitlin and I Hung out for a while and hung out with the guys.

Surely I mentioned Dewinter (the boys band) will be playing with The Canvas Waiting this Friday. I am completely stoked probably because they do happen to be my favorite band. Yeah that's it!

I bought a couple of movies today.

Of course I've seen both, a dozen times. Lost in translation is just classic and Prime... well who doesn't like to watch Bryan Greenberg.