August 4, 2009

Remember me as a time of day.

It was my dear friend Jacobs Birthday Today.The Celebrations included Sushi, Paint ball, Cart Racing, and hover boat water wars. Its true, I'm an eight year old at heart.

Three days and counting till I'm lake front. My Stomach can not wait to get some of Bradley and Derek's Cooking in it. Ive heard many great things about Derek's pies so maybe if i ask politely he will make me one for my birthday. (AUGUST EIGHTH)

I found myself at uploading the boy's picture and from God-sent this glorious picture from the heavens above.

I couldn't quite put my thumb on it but it looked strangely familiar.

Kudos to Bob Dylan for Being Born and supplying us with such beautiful melodies.

The Day has been long. I pray the night is even longer. Lord knows I could really use the rest.
Pleasant Dreams You beautiful Soul