August 2, 2009

It’s a very exciting month for me.
I leave for Dallas in THIRTEEN days.
and I’ll be turning {dun, dun, duuun} 19 on the eighth.

Today I have been visiting with the Grandparents on the Madres’ Side.
While enjoying a nice Cinnamon and Apple Oatmeal Breakfast, My Grandpa told me about his recent experiment with ladies products. Apparently he was tired of his Comb-over so he NAIR(ed) it away.

“My Scalp was burning so bad that I kept holding my head under the cold shower water.”- Paw

My head is cluttered with so many things I need to get done, that I’m not certain where to even begin. Maybe A toasted PBandJ and Rice Milk. I think I would be rather pleased if it could be complete with Panda Bread.


It’s something utterly remarkable and better than this blog::

My Last Day at Onstage will be this Friday and Then I will be on my way to the Lake up in Tyler with the Beautiful Kerl family. It should be fun the Kerls know how to keep it Interesting.