August 5, 2009


Bridget and I re-created Mexico in my little office today to celebrate my big Dallas move. I'm surely going to miss my Bee.Feemster. We ordered take out from the hole-in-the-wall Mexican food restaurant across the street and partied as if our backs were wet. (on the clock)

My sincerest apologies for the previous statement, I just needed to convey how much we partied.

This Morning I choked down a pack of Rolaids for Breakfast. All thanks to my Sirachi intake from the previous night. I woke up and felt like my heart was attacking itself, soon enough the realist in me woke up and knew it was just heartburn radiating through my chest.

This is the top 10 most brilliant idea ever. I love how quaint and cozy it is.

Maybe The boy and I can DIY something like this in the future.
That would certainly make me a happy camper.

As much as it pains me to say, I've already set a few ground rules for my apartment. They are as follows:
a. My Fridge will always contain a pitcher of pink lemonade
b. If you come over unannounced you must bring delicious treats
c. If you leave toothpaste in the sink, I will make you lick it up.

There are a few movies that I am looking forward to see.