August 23, 2009

My Gift is my Curse.

Do you have that one Album that holds you together? The CD you turn on when all your emotions or priority's get out of check? I call it my staple album and The Canvas Waiting's ,semi-new, Seasons Change album, is always cranked up loud and saving me from my UN-portioned feelings.

Lyrically I believe they right about my life. Agreed, they would probably laugh hysterically while reading that last statement but I its so very true. I can relate to every song, every verse on that CD. Which brings me to Friday the 28th.. The Boy and his Band Dewinter will be playing with them at the Barking Dog in Beaumont. I'm couldn't be more excited to go home and visit. I truly miss my family and friends.. and a big ole' I miss you too my Kit. It sure is challenging trying to make friends and hang around people when the only person I would ever prefer sitting by me would be my Beautiful Best friend Kitty. Surely, I can convince her to get a blog.

The Boy and I attended First Baptist Irving this morning. It's a church about 15mins from my house that has a heart for God. Judgmentally every church is not perfect, but this one is perfect for me. The Preacher is a loving man who is concerned not only with his own walk with God but also about the next Generation. The Sermon this morning was about the Conquerors and The Conquered. It was taught through the story of Caleb and how by trusting and following God's Guidance he became and Example to the Nation (Judges 1:20, Joshua 14: 6-8). It is a marvelous story about how Caleb trusted in God for what seemed to be impossible and he became the leader over the tribes of Israel. The fun fact of the day being that Caleb wasn't even a Jew. To continue on in the sermon, it explained how Othniel, the son of Caleb’s younger brother, Kenaz, was inspired by the God he saw in the life of Caleb, that he went out and conquered Kiriath-sepher. As Matthew Henry put it " Caleb is doing what older men should do, and that is inspire the younger generation to serve God." That is some powerful stuff! and a really good wake up call for today's Generation.

Tomorrow I have my Interview at 2 , maybe doing a little 2nd hand store shopping, and picking up a few things needed for some new ideas i have for my apartment.
I hope everyone has enjoyed their beautiful Sunday. Rested up plenty for the week to come. ( I know I did. I just woke up from my after church nap!) I hope God blesses you this week and gives you great opportunities to share his word.

"Carpe Diem" -Darling Chelsea