August 22, 2009

Said the moon was ours, the hell with the day.

Twas a Great Saturday.

Lonely and I went on our walk this morning. We met a few new people from the complex, a couple of sweetheart kids who adore lolo. Seeing those kids interact with her made me really miss my nephews. It has only been a week since I've seen them last. Maybe it's just knowing that I have moved away makes me miss them so much more. My sister uploaded a few pictures of them and I flipped through them a couple hundred times. They are such good looking boys! Also I was going through my photo library today and found a couple pictures Harp and I took when he came to visit me. I'm not sure why I never uploaded them or shared them with anyone, but here they are.

Some other reason's it was a good Saturday:
Downloaded some new good tune's consisting of the following:
The Dead Weather- Horehound
Friendly Fires- Friendly Fires
Mellowdrone- Angry Bear
Mutemath- Armistice
The Republic Tigers- Keep Color

The Boy and I enjoyed playing in photobooth today.

For all you Polaroid Lovers Read This and be Merry!

Tonight The Boy, Daniel, Ben and I went to the Burger Bar in West Village and after we walked to Yogalicious and enjoyed mixed frozen yogurt.

It was a tasty night. I highly recommend these two places. West Village is nice and upscale part of Dallas , a lot of the young adults hang out in that area, Which makes it a pretty "happening" place.

Lately I've wanted to stop by a few flea markets or second hand stores to pick some things up for my apartment. I have a few neat ideas, but they actually require a lot of time. I'll have to pick a day when I have time to spare.

A few things I've had my "Baby Doe Eyes" on:

My apartment would love to have this lovely sofa. UO SOFA .

A pair of Beautiful boots. Found Here.

A lovely wishbone necklace. Located here..

FACT: If I had an alarm clock that played this song I would wake up in a happy mood everyday.