May 31, 2010

'Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Helen Keller once said “"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." Those aren’t terrible words to live by. There are so many things that I want to experience in life before my times up and this weekend I was able to check one off the list. Saturday My Mom, Aaron and I drove out to Rosharon for our first Skydiving experience. It was nothing short of a beautiful day. The sun shown just right and the breeze blew perfectly. With the sounds of planes landing and taking off my mom had a permanent smile etched across her face. We watched a short film, suited up, and then hung out and waited the arrival of our plane. When I was asked by Chris (my instructor) if I was scared I said no. He said “nervous?” and I said “not really.” It was the solid truth I was excited and ready! Not a crumb of fear found its way to me. It was a tight fit in the plane. The pilot was barefoot and listening to his iPod. It took a good ten minute plane ride to reach 14,000 ft. On board was a very unique mix of individuals who, with their humor, sarcasm, and smiles made the trip into the sky even more enjoyable. My mom was so thrilled she couldn’t stay seated. The door to the plane opened and the first rush of adrenalin flashed through my body. Out of the three of us I was first. I walked to the open door and it was bail time. I think I was more relaxed and in control then Chris. The free fall was my favorite part. I spread my arms out as the cool wind whipped across my face and it literally felt like I was flying. We flipped, performed a couple of 360 degree turns and when my altimeter reached 6,000 ft I pulled the Chute. I watched as what looked like tiny Lego’s turned into buildings and ants turned into people. The landing was a piece of cake; we touched earth with a graceful step. I had then completed my first (of many to come) Skydives. I was excited to see that Aaron and Mom were already on the ground and I couldn’t wait to hear their thoughts. It was an overall amazing day and I couldn’t have picked anyone as special as those two to spend it with.

Breakfast for Dinner

On the long drive home the boy surprised me with waffle house. After getting me addicted to hashbrowns and heinz57 sauce he knew there was no other place that would hit the spot quite like this little diner (probably because I had beeen craving it and talking for weeks about going). We put some tunes on the jukebox and ate our breakfast for dinner while listening to some classic favorites. It was a great ending to an already incredible day.

The Big Move

This weekend was also Moving day for The Mcarthur's and Aaron. We started the day at nine a.m. and ended it at 5 a.m. The hours in a day have never felt so long. Moving Tiff and Frank from Katy to Cypress and then moving Aaron from Houston to Cypress was very tiresome. We managed to fill a 17' uhaul.. twice. Even though it was a lot of hard work I enjoyed every moment I got to spend with them. From flannel shirt dates to chasing neighborhood ice cream trucks for ninja turtle popsicles there is never a dull moment when the four of us are together. The house is beautiful, and Sydney is quite pleased with her new living arrangements and new best friend/roomate, Riley. I am looking forward to our first family night in the new spacious kitchen. and meeting the newest addition to the Mcarthur family... GABBY!

It's June already? Seriously time is moving way too fast. I havent the time to work on June's Playlist today but I promise tomorrow I will get busy on it.