April 6, 2010

Women and Country

I'm trying my hardest not to listen to this yet.
Just waiting for someone to get back to Tejas to enjoy it with me.
I figure it will be enjoyed more that way.

Okay, it’s been Dylan city around here the past few days, sure, but Bob’s son Jakob just put up his excellent new album Women and Country And I’m shaking like a little junkie withdrawing from tapping into it. April sixth like to have never come. I have been anticipating this album since it was announced in January. This will be Dylan’s second solo album and I’m very interested in seeing how it compares to Seeing Things (Jakob’s first album released in June of 2008). "Women and Country" also finds Dylan collaborating with breakout alt-country singers Neko Case and Kelly Hogan, who appear prominently on eight of the album's tracks. The record was produced by the infallible T Bone Burnett who produced the Wallflowers' 1996 album "Bringing Down the Horse" and its hit single "One Headlight." Dylan plans to tour with Case and Hogan this summer, along with several players from Case's backing band, and plans to incorporate songs from throughout his entire career. This is something I’m not willing to risk missing…So I’ll stay posted for the release of the tour dates, and so should you. Now grab someone or something that makes you happy and enjoy the new album and I'll update my thoughts about it later on.

sleep tight