April 11, 2010

Nothing but the nine-tees.

This morning my sister and myself enjoyed an early morning road trip. We jammed nothing but 90’s music and we consumed entirely too much coffee. Things got a little goofy, but I guess that’s just the way we always are around each other! I love the fact that no matter where it is we go together we always find a good time. My sister is a big part of my childhood that can never be lost. I share more memories with her than anyone else; I was born her best friend! No matter what it was we were put through as kids (like those hideous cow dresses aunt Kim made us) we did it together. Some one picked on me, Laci blacked their eyes. Laci snuck out for the night and I played decoy... Us against the world! A sister is someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – Laci is my special kind of double.

90’s music does nothing else for me but cure the soul. So out of kindness, I put together SOME (not even close to all) of my favorites from that beautiful and glorious decade.

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