March 11, 2010

"The future isn't what It use to be."

Good Morning Loves.
This post is coming solely from my brain that's being powered by this Captain Crunch Cereal and the freedom that comes with still being in your knickers.

Last Night I stayed up pretty late. which is only hurting me today.
but all worth it.

Eighty Three :)

Dirty B and I stumbled upon this video last night and it was nearly impossible to stop laughing. Hopefully it will brighten your day.

I love how the only good move that takes place is when the guy smacks the other across the head with a huge stack of papers. Other than that is seems to be a petty school girl fight. And who doesn't enjoy one of those? Exactly!

I'm not sure about you, but it is absolutely necessary for me to start my day off with music. I always joke about not being able to function correctly if I have not had my coffee but that's only joking. I seriously can not function with out turning some good tunes on before my day begins. On this particular morning, however, I realized I have yet to thoroughly dissect Rogue Wave's Newly Released Album. So first thing this morning, I listened to it over.
Verdict: Pure Magic!

The perfect song off of Permalight.
If you have not listened to it. then you should!

While on the topic of music.
There is this really awesome new website that I would recommend you check out.
It's probably the master works of some kind of genius.
Big Probably ;)

The weather outside is marvelous. I should probably go put some pants on and play in it.