March 23, 2010

Definition of a Migraine: Feels like your brain is full of pressure and possibly bleeding out. Four BC’s later; I just want to smash my head with the nearest large/hard object. What the Heck? Light is killing me and noise is killing me! You know I’m hurting when I’m on the computer and there is no music playing. I’ve lain, balled up on the bed for nearly 3 hours in the dark. I want food and a million painkillers in my system right now! The only thing I can do is sit here and make up something interesting to tell you. But nothing comes to mind. If in fact I still have one of those. I’m pretty sure it is being murdered right now.

The headache pressure point:

I'll be the first to call total and utter BS on this one.” Stimulation of pressure points releases endorphins, which are chemicals secreted in the brain that have a pain relief effect similar to morphine.” What a Bloody lie! Someone just teleport me some warm cookies and a Truck load of Morphine… please.

This is all I've got today. Not a single worthy thought and a Headache from hell. My apologies for wasting your time.
I really hope your day is going better.