March 18, 2010

I'll never Leave you.

The day has quickly turned into evening. I didn't even get a chance to blink. I'm on my way to meet Bee to go running. I love the feeling when you get on a track and for hours nothing else matters but you and the pavement. You don’t have time to think or worry about things that have been on your mind all day you just concentrate on breathing correctly and focus on the finish. The feeling of accomplishment after you finish isn't bad either. Maybe I should just run forever.

What happened to being careful with love? I don't understand how girls can just hand their hearts out like they have plenty to spare. I get a text today stating how in love a friend is. She's known this guy for maybe two weeks. How is that possible? I just want to shake her until her brain starts to properly function. Maybe it's just me but Love is a huge feeling with more meaning that surpasses all other human emotions. It's not just a word! This could all be rubbish to you, but it’s coming from a girl who has a guard up so strong, the Spartan army wouldn't stand a fighting chance. But I feel that's how everyone should be. The “collective” people are so impaired by wanting someone to love that they don’t have time to understand the meaning of it all. Love isn’t just that bubbly feeling of warmth you get when you are with that special person. Love can also be a sickness. Where you can eat, sleep, or perform simple daily tasks without thinking about the other and wondering where he/she is, what their doing, if they are thinking about you, if they miss you. At times it excruciating but really is it all worth those moments when you are together and nothing else really matters but being with them. I think it is! Love doesn't care what you are wearing or how messy your hair is. Love doesn't care how clumsy you are or how disoriented your mind is. Love reads your body and knows exactly what you’re feeling without having to ask. Love hurts when you are hurting, helps you when you need it, and is happy when you are happy. Love is unconditional and should be handled with care. All this just to say, don’t just give your heart to just anyone. Make sure that it’s genuine and that the other feels the same or else you are going to get hurt. The one word that comes to mind when I think of love is Patience. So the only advice I gave her was “ Be careful and be patient!”

This week has been so good to me. The weather has been perfect, my head hasn’t hurt in days and I have met a lot of really neat people. I’ve even found the time for a quick and much needed photo shoot. I would much rather the photos be in black and white due to the wardrobe coloring but “You cant always get what you want!”

I've had the chance to listen to the album over a couple times and though it's amazing as a whole, there is one particular song that stood out immediately. I dub this my favorite song on Permalight and I cant stop listening to it.

Pictures as promised. All from the Camera on the Iphone.
from the Rogue Wave Concert at The Loft Yesterday.

Also go check out Avi Buffalo. They are some really cool people with fun music.