August 19, 2009

There goes the fear.

My Favorite Day in Dallas So Far.

I woke up to a beautiful morning, Again. My blinds beside my bed let the light come through. The air was crisp, no hint of humidity at all. Which delights me. Lonely and I took our morning walk, which we are trying to make a morning ritual.

The Boy and I ran errands and then we went to Chuy's with a new friend, Ben. The food and service was excellent, I have nothing but nice things to say about it. It is definitely recommended.

The Boy is home and I am elated. Our mutual friend Daniel came over and I cooked Vegan Chili for them. It was scrumptious to say the least about it. Lets just say that I'm quite pleased with myself.

We are all just hanging out right now so this will be a short post.
I love each and everyone of you
Sweet dreams dreamers