August 18, 2009

Bop ba, this is the sound of settling.

Again Terribly sorry about slacking on my blog updates. It has been a fast paced few days filled with moving, unpacking, and settling. I'm finally done with the boxes. In fact, I never want to see a cardboard box ever again. Since we all know that would be nearly impossible, I guess the point of life is meaningless. That was a joke.

The mornings here are so beautiful. My bedroom has a huge window and when the sun rises it peaks through my blinds and lites the entire room. It is a great way to wake up. This morning Lonely and I went to check out the park across the street. I boarded as Lonely Pranced. Funny story being she pulled me half the time. It was really quite a site to see.

Speaking of Lonely, she seems to be adjusting well to her new living arrangements. Lonely loves her morning walks around the complex and even her new bed my mom picked out just for her.

I visit Beaumont on the 28Th. The boys band, Dewinter, is playing a show at the barking dog. They are playing with no other than my favorite band, The Canvas Waiting. The Boy and I first started dating at a Canvas Waiting Show, Five long years ago. I swear their lyrics could be about my life. Like the took my heart, opened it, and said ever thing I've ever wanted too, but being the closed off emotionally person I am just Couldn't.

When the Boy returns home with my memory card I will be able to upload photos of the new pad. So stay tuned!

On another note, I already miss my Family and Friends. Especially Kitty!