August 1, 2009

Call Me On Your Way Back Home

True Story, I have a New Blog. And it is explicitly designed for people who want to stay in tune with my existence. Currently, I am moving to the “big city” and in order to please a few people ( and maybe attain a few friends along the way) I fashioned a blog to keep people up to date.

It is 1AM and I am Craving Coffee and my Boy.
The boy is on Tour around the US and I won’t be seeing him for a Month.
The inside of my tiny cottage is being packed up and moved to a little tiny apartment in Dallas.
The creases of my skin on my hands are being lit by a computer screen.
I wish I could capture the feeling I get when I listen to the Album Leaf in a mason jar, put it in my pocket, and open it every hour.

My Birthday is in 7 days. And here are a Few things I’ve had my “Baby Doe” eyes on.

an Eee Book found Here!

This Patrick McMullan Studio 54 Shower Curtain Found Here!

and this Diamond Patterned Quilt Found Here!

LEO: I predict that you will go to a grungy thrift store to shop for bargain kitchen items but will instead buy a magic snow globe depicting a dolphin drinking beer from a fountain that's shaped like a silver stiletto pump, and when you get this talisman home you will discover that it gives you the power to hover and cruise a few feet off the ground, plus tune in to the secret thoughts of people who confuse you, and even time-travel into the past for brief ten-minute blasts that allow you to change what happened. And if my prediction's not accurate in every detail, I bet it will nonetheless be metaphorically true.