August 12, 2009

I guess the details now are meaningless.

3 Days.

Currently I am laying on the couch with Kitty. We just finished our dinner (which was delicious) and we are now watching Mythbusters(Youtube Edition).

Today was full of fun. I woke up and Knitted a little. We went out on the boat, floated and soaked up some sun rays, we enjoyed lunch on the lake (PBandJ) and we frolicked in the water. We are packing up tonight so that way we can leave around ten tomorrow morning.

I have so much stuff still left to pack up. It's a never ending process I tell you!I'll be home tomorrow in enough time to load the trailer and my car up, spend time with the family and then it is farewell to china for me. Kitty, Gran and I will be meeting my mother at my apartment, It has been over a month since I have seen that crazy lady so I am excited to have her help get me settled. Plus my mom has the magic touch and the best decorating ideas. (she should be an interior decorator)

I still not sure about what I will be doing with Lonely. Pets are allowed but I know she will be Miserable if she comes with me because she will have to stay in the apartment all day. She is so use to running around outside until nigh time where she comes and cuddles with me. I don't have many options and I hope I don't have to give her away. I just need someone to take her until I can figure out something for her.
Plus I've rarely been without her and don't quite know how I can live without her. I know it would selfish of me to take her and lock her up all day.

well I am going to enjoy the rest of my evening. Hopefully I get a phone call from the boy soon. By the way- he is about to play his first ever showcase in Hollywood!
Still 16 days till I get to see him again. I can Hardly wait. Don't worry, I will keep everyone updated.