April 4, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On
There has been so much on my mind today. There are so many things going on in the month of April that I may not be ready to take on, but I will; and I’ll seize the tasks and accomplish them with the best of my abilities. What I need to remember is to keep my cool and follow through. I’m not going to be given anything I can’t handle and what good has worrying ever done you? We are Intrepid, we carry on! I just need to get my heart and head in order.

One of those grand tasks I’m referring to is the house. I said for my first home I want a little old cottage, something small that I can fix up to my liking. Well my very appreciated Mum granted my wish, like always! That Little House across from the Boy Scout hut, you guessed it, all mine! We are having new wooden floors put in next week and all the walls are going to be re-sheet rocked and textured. Right now every wall is a different freighting color. The rooms range from light green, bright pink, gray, brick red, it’s really out of control. Most of the rooms are missing trimming, and there are rooms not yet completed. There is a con that I won’t be able to change and it is the fact that central air conditioning and heating cannot be installed. But I find it such a crumb of a problem since it does have window units and hookups for gas heaters. The outside needs to be painted which I’m super excited about picking colors for that. I have a while to let my creative brain juices flow. The house holds many pro’s as well: a nice little porch perfect for some potted flowers and a nice backyard fit for a garden. There is nothing a vegetarian likes more than fresh fruits and veggies, so I’ll get to exercise my green thumb!

Money, I can find no word in my vocabulary to describe the hatred I feel for this “essential”. Not only am I a new resident of China, I am also UNemployed. Of course my parents are supporting me but I feel next to guilty when I use their money. Come on I’m nineteen and still getting an allowance from my parents, that’s not very reputable. In this past week I’ve misplaced the principle feeling of well earned cash. What agitates me most is the hold that money has on the world. The security money brings to people is quite revolting. The insecurity it brings when capital is low. The corrupt power it brings to people who have a lot and misdeeds committed by those who have none. Money seems to determine your “status” in the world, and It pains me to see people whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits. I believe those people are referred to as Gold-digger’s. I don’t want money to label me; I want my actions and personality to label me! I don’t need a whole lot in life. I’m not high maintenance, yet I’m no minimalist, but I don’t need or desire expensive or fancy things. That’s what is wrong with this economy, too many wants and too much greed. It’s just money, JUST! I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love. Hell, isn’t that all you need. That’s all I desire! Money isn’t going to make you happy; love is what makes you happy. And that’s exactly what this world needs. Love!

Things are going to be a lot different here forth. I’m going to be taking a lot of “Chelsea Time” and get back to the things I love doing. Like painting, I have so many ideas bubbling around and I can’t wait to just let myself go on a blank canvas. Sewing is another; I want to make curtains and cushions and finally put to life the designs for dresses that have been tucked away in the sketch book. And my greatest pastime, photography! I miss the feeling of just taking the cameras out and capturing the world.

My weekend you might ask... was near perfect! Complete with individually incredible people, the kind hearted and captivating 83, homemade fruit salads, beer and pizza dates, farmers markets, my favorite coffee in bed, a silly pup, a victory for Chelsea over Manchester, scavenging about bookstores, good tunes, lots of laughter, lots of sunshine. I say “near” perfect because there are a few things I would change. #1- slicing my finger open with a potato peeler. #2. running my lower spine into a door knob resulting in painful bruising. #3. letting the weekend come to an end.

Today on my trek home I found myself stressing about anything and everything. Of course it all spills out when I’m alone. That’s just the way I’m wired I guess. I deal with the dirt better when I can be whoever it is I want to be at that time and not be judged; the only time that’s ever accessible is in the confines of that little red car and all alone. I was stressing because I want a job, I’m living out of a suitcase, I need to touch base with some old friends, and my life is currently boxed up and taped away in a home I can’t yet live in. All that immediately came to an abrupt halt when that little 3 year old boy ran into my arms and told me how much he missed me. I felt foolish for ever letting my head navigate its way into thinking such silly and childish things. My life cannot be packed away in boxes because there is so much more to me than books, records, picture frames and a closet full of clothes. I have a family who couldn’t wait to have me safely back in their arms, a family who have so graciously provided me with shelter and food without the littlest of complaints. As I was walking up to the house Kaden’s arms were wrapped tight around me like he was already anticipating me leaving, my family welcomed me with the kindest of words and the warmest of smiles. It had been so long since I had seen my sister and it was so good having my best friend out of the hospital. When the two of us are together no one stands a chance, a type of Team Wellons rings out! Good food, good conversation, and good people. I even brought a guest home for Easter and they already consider sweet Sydney part of the family. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend the day.

It’s late and I have two sleeping pups cuddled up against me.
The only words I have left are... “In this mad world you can always find a better perspective.”
You can quote me.
- ledarlingchelc